Dealing with the NOW and the FUTURE is becoming fundamentally different with digital world taking over production and living. Design has been on the forefront in these fields but the development has been so fast and new generations have taken over faster than personal development has managed to map. The young people of today have not lived a non digital world while the mentors and teachers plus  those that run the educational programs are loosing touch with the present reality. And especially in educational environments. The school systems might become out of date if they do not respond to changes and conditions.

This is not the first time in history but changes are happening so fast today that the 20-30 years old have passed into a new existence that the older have difficulty to deal with. But the older and established still have the power of funds and approval just like often earlier in history.

This creates a discrepancy between the institutions, educational demands and active reality. Many of the main actors in todays world of design and interaction do not have formal education (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc.) while the educational institutions and those that control them run the rules of how to and what is progress. But it is a fact that design has the potential of adapting faster than most like Paola Antonelli explains and many other web areas are dispersing. The educational institutes have to respond faster than before, otherwise they become like music schools in Opera Studies.

Issues to address can be seen on the Future Timeline.

Throughout this global period, the world has been thrown into turmoil as demand for oil begins to greatly exceed the supply – crippling many economies and triggering widespread social unrest. – The crisis plays out for nearly two decades, gradually being resolved by a change into renewable energy and alternative fuel technologies. The transition will be by no means a smooth one, however. It requires nothing less than an all-out Manhattan Project on a global scale. By 2035, the geopolitical map of the Middle East will be unrecognizable, while China will achieve enormous political and economic gains from the US.

In the near future styles will be designed by ordinary citizens, or Artificial Intelligence, then promoted via online communities, with the best ones rated and made popular, in a manner similar to the commercial music charts of today. This same process is used for a whole host of other goods and services – from domestic pets, to gardening, to body tatoos, to gourmet food. In this way, a person can become relatively famous by modifying the genetic coding or molecular structure of different items, using the knowledge available to them online. This means that the specialization of being a designer becomes both much more open and new specializations evolve based on the same principles of originality, new strategic moves or changes linking to practical and needed developments.

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