Global conditions are changing fundamentally this decade. In terms of resources and environmental issues seen in the perspective of the global changes that are happening. This page connects projects and events that want to deal with these changes. It is run by designers basically although the professional classification does not apply since every person is creative and influences changes that are happening in the world. Design is loosing its professional limitations while the methods inherent in design method are relevant to all creative practical activity. Here is a short statement about the future and how design relates to that: PAOLA ANTONELLI STATEMENT ABOUT THE FUTURE – DESIGN TAKES OVER

The task in hand is for designers and creatives to meet and focus on future issues that need to be addressed beyond today’s approved professional boundaries. Designers look at new and unbounded possibilities and problems that they determine that are worth addressing. Studying and proposing ‘other‘ ways. This other is not a philosophical issue or about being different. It is to try to see what could be done when global and local issues are defined and played with. Design students are the potential developers of new ways of addressing the global issues in hand since they have the methodology and philosophy in hand while the ‘todays’ and older teachers ideas are too grained in the academic and economic directives. The young are much better prepared to address things today since they have become completely ingrained in a new way of operating with the support of internet and global dialogue.