Diversity, culture and gender are becoming more obscure with the opening of dialogues and global communications between disconnected cultures. Today we are all on Earth connected. An example is that Africa has more mobile phones than America, something that was not believable 10 years ago. Of course there exists the natural discrepancy of funds and resources like before.

The opening up of boundaries between specializations has been happening fast in the design world while still most of the structures of dialogues and education are still rather rigid. But the new tools of mobile and internet breaks down the hierarchies and boundaries that existed before. There are many reasons for this and here are counted only few maps but the work in DEEFT will concentrate on this.

isarc_shoes_smallGovernal and International disciplines operate by rules and organizations that were formed decades or even centuries ago. Like graphic design, architecture, fashion etc. But the participants today operate cross disciplinary and open up the barriers between the fields out of pure neccessity. They operate intimately through global intercommunication and learning happens much faster than any school or teacher can practice. This does not have to be seen as weakness since the professional methods and rules can still apply and stipulate the methods, philosophies and rules but at the same time can conservative thought prevail and stop development.

Legal issues are still rather rigid like the definitions of professional rights in different countries for disciplies while the use of the specializations has opened up in all directions. Architects create literature, fashion designers create buildings and new technology opens even further up boundaries like in digital activity, business and culture.

It is the task of us in DEEFT to experiment and map the boundaries and limitless openings that are globally and locally happening today. Our educational institutes have to follow what is happening and respond with their young students to especially support discipline and professionalism.

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