Food is in great development through agriculture and commerce. The use of food is changing fundamentally and global sharing has become the tradition. Genetically Modified Food (GMO) is slowly becoming the norm in food development.

At the same time will the future deal with reduced capability of travel and transport and locality becomes fundamental in the development of food culture. Local production and upplifun will become fundamental in the physical and cultural survival. This does not mean that people will become primitive like before but will develop experiences and culture based on low energy use while sofistication will be based on open knowledge of global cultures and experiences. Food is not fundamentally just a survival element like it was earlier. Consumption of food has been always a cultural activity linked to religion, local intercommunication and culture. This will continue but in different conditions than shipping food long distances based on expencive distribution and cultures. Food will become a local element again but linked to the theatrical human element based on cultural experiences and traditions.

The consumption of food has become a theatrical element beause of the intercommunication between cultures and distribution og knowledges. Travel and global intercommunication has made it possible to experience food from all locations and learn culture through food. Food is no longer linked to exact location but to cultural differences and global intercommunication.

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THE FUTURE OF FOOD With billions of mouths to feed, we can’t go on producing food in the traditional way?