This page covers a project named DEEFT that is being run by the Faculty of Design at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Norway.

The project attempts to address Design and Creative Activity with completely open direction and not limited by specific disciplinary rules like professional fields or specialized issues.

At the same time DEEFT attempts to map the territory dealing with the future of man on earth and how to address the issues that are in hand in the coming decades. The classification can be made in any way depending on the dreams or focus of different people.

DEEFT is just a classification that attempts to include most categories where design addresses a new changing world and the issues where Design Knowledge or Method can be used.

The fields are here listed:

  • Diversity, Culture, gender, different cultures and global locations are becoming more obscure with the present opening of dialogues and instant global communications among cultures. Internet, fast travel and commerce.
  • Earth is becoming warmer, glaciers are melting, water and food is becoming scarcer and local weather conditions are changing fundamentally. Today and in coming years man has to respond to new environments rather spontaneously.
  • Energy use has become wast with new technologies and need for more energy is still growing. But lower energy use will have to be innovative while more advanced.
  • Food is in great development through agriculture and commerce. The use of food is changing fundamentally and global sharing has become the tradition via transport and commerce. Genetically Modified Food (GMO) is slowly becoming the norm in food development.
  • Technology advances are transforming classified local space into an obscure haze of one global economy, communication and exchange system.