Technological advances are transforming traditional local place into an obscure haze of one global economy, communication and exchange systems.

Global warming, fossil fuel pollution and alternative energy will rage in the new century. The effects of climate change begin to have a major impact on worldwide food and water supplies. Growing instability leads to a number of resource conflicts. The Arctic becomes a battleground as nations seek to claim the last remaining oil deposits. There will be a great shift towards algae biofuel and renewable energy sources – aided by startling breakthroughs in nanotechnology. Widespread adoption of sustainable development practices will assist this transition followed by the birth of fusion power and other yet unknown technologies.

By the end of the decade 2010-2020, tens of millions of human genomes have been sequenced around the world, as a new era of personalised medicine begins to emerge. At the same time, however, concerns are raised over genetic discrimination and privacy of information.

Nanotechnology is growing at great speed and the development in for example clothing is going to change fashion development greatly over the coming decade as well as food development. At the same time anti-technology is growing in man’s need to develop the religion of authenticity and culture. These two issues will become fundamental in philosophy and of course in fashion and design development.

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